Homeless Dog With Cancer Was Dying A Terrible Death. 2 Months Later, I Can’t Believe What He Looks Like

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A suffering creature is never an easy sight, especially when it comes to animals we would normally keep as pets. Yet, more often than not, we just pass by them without so much as bending over them to see whether they are alive or not.

For some, a scarred or wounded dog on the street would be just another passing sight. Luckily, not for everyone. Such was the story of a stray dog found on the streets of Mexico City.

When found, not only did he look starved and neglected, but he also had horrible scars, something Dalia, his rescuer, had never seen before.

This poor guy belonged to over a million stray dogs found in the streets of Mexico City on any given day. What was truly disturbing was the fact that his body was covered in cancerous tumors. Just by looking at him, one could not help but feel the need to do something.

Facebook/Sharon Dennis

So, Dalia picked him up and took him to a nearby animal shelter. It was more than obvious that the dog’s condition would require a lot of care and attention in order for a recovery to happen, if at all possible.

Facebook/Sharon Dennis

When they arrived at the shelter, Dalia, who is also an animal rights activist, decided to name him Boby and shower him with love and care given that the dog seemed to be in lots of pain and the chances for survival were pretty small.

Decorative Concrete Kingdom / Flickr

After a checkup, the vets estimated Boby to be about two years old and they immediately prescribed him chemotherapy. In order to ease the pain and make things a bit more comforting for the dog, Dalia did her best to keep the animal in high spirits. So, she shared his story.

Sharon Dennis

In the next two months, Boby had gone through eight chemotherapy sessions, which proved to be even more difficult due to Boby’s previous starvation. It seemed pretty unbelievable that Boby would survive.


Unbelievable, but not impossible. Soon enough, Boby started showing signs of recovery and not long afterwards, started growing a new shiny fur coat to cover the scars. The therapy seemed to be working!

Sharon Dennis

It turned out that Boby was an adorable, very energetic, all over the place dog who loves to play. Dalia’s neighbors started waiting in lines to see the transformed dog who was slowly going into the world of celebs.

Facebook/Sharon Dennis

His spirit and story helped Dalia find a family for Boby fairly quickly. Though she was sad to see him leave, she was glad he would be in a loving family and would not have to stave ever again.

Facebook/Sharon Dennis

Life is not always easy, and Boby sure went through its roughest points, but every new day is a new opportunity and Dalia gave this adorable creature one by deciding not to just pass by him.

Boby fought for his life and did not give up. There are many more little ones out there suffering like Boby did. Share this story with all animal lovers willing to help keep these beautiful animals safe and sound.

Homeless Dog With Cancer Was Dying A Terrible Death. 2 Months Later, I Can’t Believe What He Looks Like

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