Cop Spots Suspicious Box On The Side Of The Road, Gets The Shock Of His Life When He Sees What’s Inside

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Deputy Earl Hanners was busy working on a car accident case neat Atlanta, Georgia when the dispatch called in to say someone had found a 10-week-old puppy abandoned in a cardboard box on the side of a road.


The person who called in the police gave the puppy some water and made sure the poor thing had enough air. As Hanners was busy finishing up his case, another police officer went to the puppy. However, as soon as Hanners finished his work, he went to check in on the puppy himself.


When he got there, the puppy was still lying next to the box, dehydrated and exhausted. Hanners decided to take the puppy in and told the other officer to tell the Animal Patrol there was no need for them to come.


Being a part of an animal rescue group, Hounds in Pounds, Hanners knew exactly what to do with the puppy. By the time he got home, he named the puppy Bridget and once he gave her some food and a place to rest, he called a vet.


This cute little puppy got under Hanners’ skin and he decided to keep her. However, he made sure that the puppy was properly checked and vaccinated and he even kept her isolated for 10 days before introducing her to the rest of the crew. As a member of a rescue group, Hanners often fosters dogs and at the moment, he’s got eight Pugs at home.


Once he was sure that Bridget was well and ready to meet her new friends, he brought her in and according to the deputy, she blended in perfectly.


Though no one was caught for leaving this poor puppy on the road, Bridget is happy to have found a new loving home. So, when you see something tiny moving on the side of a road, don’t just pass by! You never know what tiny adorable surprise you may find 🙂

Cop Spots Suspicious Box On The Side Of The Road, Gets The Shock Of His Life When He Sees What’s Inside

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